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Amy Chairs Plus The Chair Affair = Very happy (and Comfy) People

Community Warehouse is a stellar organization whose mission is to help people get back into a home in an affordable way.  

Once a year they have an auction in March called The Chair Affair.  The Whole 9 Yards has been honored to participate since the beginning of this event, and each year I do an “Amy Chair” for their auction.  
These special chairs are a bit different than the usual “Amy Chairs” as I do not have to keep a specific client in mind.  Instead I let the chair itself, along with the organization and whatever fabric I have been especially loving, be my inspiration. 

Each one has had it’s special place in my chair history, and it is hard to pick a fave…but I would love to make a special mention of the “Leaf Chair” from 2008!


Note the leaves coming off the chair and down the leg…kinda love that!

I cut the dangling leaves out of some leftover fabric and hand-stitched them in place on the chair.  I also refinished the wood frame of the chair to better set off the fabric, and then highlighted certain areas by hand-painting some green accents! 

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