Lets bring linen production back to the Pacific Northwest!

Lets bring linen production back to the Pacific Northwest!

It is no secret that we love linen. From drapery to upholstery to apparel, the possibilities are endless.  

Recently we had the immense pleasure of meeting Shannon Welsh and Angela Wartes-Kahl  – the dynamic duo behind FibRevolution – who are working to bring Linen back to the Pacific Northwest.  Her is what they have to say:

We want to scale up and harvest a commercial crop of organic fiber flax/ linen but we need a few pieces of specialized agricultural equipment to do it. That’s where you come in - fellow wearer of linen shirts - we need your support! In 2019, we want a series of harvesting machines smoothly pulling the flax from the fields instead of us doing it by hand! Our backs are tired and we aren't young farmers anymore. 
By joining the American Linen Revival, we can all work toward our goal of fiber security in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We have the advantage of great growing conditions, a historical textile industry, and community support for linen from local hand-spinners to designers to outdoor clothing retailers - even nonwovens and bio-plastics!

The 21st Century version of the American linen industry will be predominately organic. Future linen processing will be certified to the Global Organic Textile  Standard. We could double the global organic production of fiber flax in only a few years.
It all starts with one flax puller, one turner and one baler.

Join the revival!

You can donate to their Indiegogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/american-linen-revival#/ And read more about who they are, and what they have already accomplished here: http://www.fibre-evolution.com/our-story.html



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