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All About Mohair and Why We Love It!

Mohair (sounds just like it is spelled MO-HAIR) is one of the most ancient textile fibers known. The word comes from Arabic, and refers to a fabric made from the wool of an Angora goat. The goats can be shorn twice a year without harm, meaning it is also a renewable resource. While mohair can […]

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Our design world is extremely visual, and we are firm believers that you need to see our fabrics in person, which is why we encourage customers to take home our check-out samples. It is also why we are trying to be better about documenting all the good things that come out of our workroom! No […]

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Mixing Patterns!

Ah, this is where the fun begins! The key to mixing patterns is to change scale while also considering color.  Colors don’t have to match perfectly, but they do need to “speak” to each other.  Lighter and darker values of the same color, complimentary colors, and change of texture all work towards successful pattern mixing. […]

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