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Custom Upholstered Chairs | Amy's Chairs | Whole 9 Yards

Amy Chairs

“Amy Chairs” are one-of-a-kind chairs created by Amy Estrin, co-owner of The Whole 9 Yards.

Amy loves combining pattern, texture, and color. Her first multi fabric sofa was done in 1978; she has been creating multiple-fabric pieces ever since. Treated like three-dimensional paintings, these “Amy Chairs” can now be commissioned by customers.

Here’s the process…

  • Amy will help you either select one of your own chairs, one from our collection, or find one just for you!
  • Amy will interview you regarding your taste and decor, where the chair will live in your home, how often it will get used, whether you like trim, etc. 
  • Amy will then let you loose in the store to choose your favorite fabric that will be featured and she will design the chair around.
  • You will not see the piece until it is finished which definitely requires a level of trust; however, Amy’s vision has never disappointed!

Learn more!

How much do Amy Chair’s Cost?

Amy Chairs start at $1500, and can go up with upgrades such as down wrapped cushions or a higher cost fabric for the main fabric.  Amy works with the customer on that before the project begins, so no surprises there.

Do I need to provide the chair?
You can if you have the perfect frame you want to use.  Sometimes a beloved family piece is perfect!  Amy has a stash of frames you can choose from as well.
What is an Amy Chair?
An Amy Chair is a one of a kind, multiple fabric chair made just for you!  Each chair is a celebration of the chair and its’ owner!
What if I want to pick my own fabrics?
The “focus fabric” is picked by you, the rest is picked by Amy.  After your selection of the main fabric, Amy will interview you about the space the chair is going in, what colors she may pull out, whether trims will be used, etc.  She may even carve on the legs.

Start your unique Amy Chair!