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Birds-of-a-Feather-pgAmy Chairs

“Amy Chairs” are one-of-a-kind chairs done by Amy Estrin, co-owner of The Whole 9 Yards.  Amy loves combining pattern, texture, and color.  Her first multi fabric sofa was done in 1978; she has been creating multiple-fabric pieces ever since.  Treated like three-dimensional paintings, these “Amy Chairs” can now be commissioned by customers.

Typically, Amy will interview the client regarding the style of chair they like, which room it will reside in, what colors they prefer, etc. They then get to choose one fabric they love, and Amy will choose the complementing pieces. Depending on the client, these chairs can get very elaborate with respect to the pattern placement, and trims used.

The customer does not get to see the piece until it is finished, which definitely requires a level of trust; however, Amy’s vision has never disappointed!

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Custom Furniture

We are proud to work with a local, family-owned (3 generations strong!) furniture builder who is committed to using only first quality materials, including local Oregon grown hardwoods. Each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is completely customizable, down to the leg style, dimensions, and even cushion fill.

For us, the custom furniture process typically starts with the fabric.  We recommend choosing your fabric first because all fabrics will “sit” differently, and knowing your selection allows us to communicate all the nuances with the builder so that the ideal finished piece is created for you.

Once fabric is chosen, you will meet with Amy at the builder’s shop and be guided through all the options.  Here you can sit on different frames and cushion fillers, and finalize the details.

And then finally, the magic happens: fabric meets frame and your piece comes to life!


Headboards have come back in a big way, and we are so glad!  Headboards go a long way to finishing a room.

Not only will they complete the room, they are oh so practical for those who like to read in bed. VERY comfy!

There are endless variations and design choices to be made, and we can help with that.

Our headboards are locally made  We use only first quality products and will last forever. You can reupholster or slipcover these headboards for years to come. They can be built to mount to the bed or to the wall. (We prefer the bed, but that is a more detailed discussion.) When you compare our headboards to others for quality and price, we are sure you will be impressed!

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I am an interior designer…I rely heavily on vendors who know what’s what. I have done business with the Whole 9 Yards for years…their selection of fabulous fabrics is the best in town and they have many high end fabrics that are far lower than their competitor’s prices but where they really shine is service and product knowledge…unbeatable! – Erin M.