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Evidence of spring in Portland- Iris in my yard Hi All, It has been awhile since I have blogged. We have the newsletter, and I am still mystified as to why anyone, except those near and dear to my heart, would be interested in what I had to say. I am a little “old school” […]

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See the light!

Wow-feeling a little smug about your design skills? Take a look at Mother Natures design chops! The upside of our rain here in the GREAT NW, are these amazing sunsets!! I was driving to the store and had to pull over and take some pics. All I needed was a soundtrack of a church chorus! […]

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Oh baby, oh baby!

Hi All,Well, this is cool…a baby was born right outside our store last week in the evening! We will be getting details in the future, so far all I know is that it’s a girl and she was 6 pounds. Tiny. Since we have been open for 17 years, we have had a chance to […]

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Soaked to the skin! The Weather report

Hi All, Today Portland is earning it’s rep for being the wet capitol of the west! When friends come to visit me and comment on the rain, I usually reply that it’s not really rain, so much as moist outside. Today however, it is WET. Customers coming in today- only a few brave souls desperate […]

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The Whole 9 Yards Has a Blog!

Hi All, I am Amy Estrin and I am a co-owner of The Whole 9 Yards, a quality fabric store in Portland, Oregon. I am grateful that my day is surrounded by color and pattern, a staff that is brilliantly creative and a customer base that appreciates our vision. I am a painter by background and I consider […]

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