How Much Fabric Do I Need? Furniture Edition

Figuring out how many yards you need for your particular project can be daunting, especially when you are trying to figure out how much money to budget for your project, so we have put together a few ballpark numbers to help.
  • 1.5 yards will do 4 dining room chairs, or a square table topper
  • 2.25 yards will do 6 dining room chairs
  • 3 yards will do a table cloth, and is also the amount for an ottoman
  • 7 yards will do most chairs with a loose cushion on the seat (think a classic wing-back)
  • 10-12 yards will do a loveseat
  • 12-16 yards will do an entire sofa
See, not so hard!  Of course we will help with fine tuning the details when the time comes, so no worries!
We also keep several copies of this great chart around the store, or feel free to print it out and carry it with you for on-the-go yardage figuring.
upholstery chart
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