No-Stress Guide: How to Choose Upholstery Fabric You’ll 100% Love — Part 1

While we LOVE all things color and pattern we find that the first part of the conversation always centers on durability.   So ask yourself, who is living with this chair or sofa? Got kids? Got pets? Got a fun group of friends who maybe get a little rowdy when they drink red wine?  All of these creatures play an important role in your choice. Even though kids, pets, and social circles are an important consideration they don’t have to a deterrent to good design and there are a plethora of durable choices.

It’s a lot easier to choose upholstery fabric for a chair or sofa than you may think, especially when you use these following tips:

Velvets are so lovely that people think they must be delicate. Not true! The reason you see them so often on old antiques and garage sale finds is because they have lasted for so many years.  Velvets are made for upholstery and are very durable and many of the rich and luscious velvets we carry could actually survive quite happily in a commercial setting. Velvets are also great for those of us with cats because their claws tend to pass right through and don’t catch, making them not the favored choice for a scratching post!

Shop our current selection of velvets here, or stop in to see all the options available for order!


For wine enthusiasts and those with kids, there are tons of choices these days that come with a stain guards either already applied or built-in!  We carry several lines specifically for this purpose including Crypton and Nano-tex.  People are also loving the new generation of outdoor fabrics such as Bella-Dura and Sunbrella for their super cleanable and anti-stain properties.  

How To Choose Upholstery Fabric You'll Love: Stain Guarded Fabric

a selection of Nano-Tex fabrics available to order

You can shop our current selection here, or stop in to see all the options available for ordering.  

If you are not a fan of the stain guards, consider any fabric with an organic pattern (meaning not hard edge graphics, like stripes) as the organic patterns naturally hide dirt and spots, so you can basically get away with a lot more mishaps between cleaning. Think of it as you would clothing that hides spotting – the same idea applies. 


In the next installment, we will discuss our favorite topic of pattern and color, and how to choose a design that you will love for many years to come! 

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