Inspiration for Your Custom Bedding Project

Inspiration for Your Custom Bedding Project

Looking for inspiration to begin your custom bedding project? We have some pictures featured below from a recently completed project.

Our customer came in with a sample of her amazing wallpaper, and tasked us to design a custom bedding set that complimented the statement paper, but could also hold its own. Challenge accepted!

We paired a luxurious velvet coverlet with embroidered linen pillows and some faux fur accents.  The customer says she feels like she is a queen in her new room and that she is thrilled to have something that absolutely no one else in the world has!

If you’re aiming to spice up your bedding and aren’t liking the bedspreads and comforters you’ve seen so far, contact us today. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help bring your custom bedding vision to life!







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