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New Patterns Hitting the Floor at The Whole 9 Yards

New on the Floor!

I look at a lot of fabric.  I mean A LOT. That’s why I own a fabric store!

While there is a lot of great pattern and design out there, I simply can not bring everything in.

Different patterns make their way into the store because they fill a particular design niche, a color lust, or a texture craving.  I try to listen to what my customers are looking for, but mostly, I follow my gut.  And of all the thousands of fabrics I bring into the store, there is occasionally one that, well, just makes me swoon!

This is such a fabric!   (do yourself a favor and click on the image to see it larger!)


This is art.  This is craft.  This is a brilliant piece of design.  And, compared to the other bolts of fabric in our store, it has the price to match.  If you are a fabric person, you will recognize that this is an extraordinary value.  If you are a casual fabric shopper, it may keep you at a distance.  But it costs nothing to come in and ogle – so please, give yourself a treat, and come and see this in person!

The marvel of this fabric (and this holds true for all those particularly unique patterns), is that it actually got made.  We should applaud not only the artist that designed it, but also the company/mill who said “Yes” to going into production.  That commitment represents a huge use of resources.  It takes some nerves of steel to pick the patterns that your company is going to produce (and in turn, there are not a lot of retail stores that step out there and will bring in such special fabrics).  So I say, Bravo! 


And ultimately, even if these extraordinary pieces are not right for your space, simply sharing your enthusiasm and appreciation for them helps feed the energy I need to bring them into the store in the first place.

So what do you think?  Love it as much as we do?
Parrots, Brown
57”wide, Rayon/Poly  


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