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Amy Pillow -Passion Flower

Like all true north-westerners, we love our gardens come springtime! After a winter of dreary grey, we can’t get enough of the vibrant oranges and reds Mother Nature so kindly provides. This Passion flower was painted in 2006 in homage to those fiery colors, and serves as a great year-round reminder that spring will eventually return again. Passion Flower is also available in Yellow.

Our crewel pillows are hand-embroidered wool on cotton, by a family-owned business based in Kashmir, India. No two pillows are exactly alike, and come filled with a 20” feather-down blend insert. If you would prefer purchasing a different insert material or size, please call the store and speak with us in person.

Each pillow is signed and dated by Amy Estrin.

Details: 20″ square pillow, with a 20″ feather-down blend insert. Wool embroidery on a cotton base, with a zipper closure.
Price: $95.00 

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