Clamshells | Whole 9 Yards



The Whole 9 Yards is the exclusive home of Colorfield’s rugs here in the Pacific Northwest, and we are so proud to represent them!   In addition to being colorful and fun, they are also an exceptional value.  Made from 100% wool, and Goodweave certified, we think you will love them just as much as we do.

Hooked in 100% wool, Clamshells recalls the playful rusticity of traditional, hand-worked country rugs. Its random design and multiple colors make it highly versatile and a lively counterpoint to ethnic or modern design.  Available in five sizes.

Price:  2’x3′ $68, 2’3″x 8′ $222,  5’6″x8’6″ $565,  7’6″x9’6″ $908, 8’6″x12’6″ $1365