So you want to be bold with color?! Welcome to our world!

So you want to be bold with color?! Welcome to our world!

Here are some ways to bring you into stronger color change without too much commitment to start.

1.  Paint is an easy way to introduce color because you can always paint over it.  Try one accent wall as the “featured” wall.   For example, in a bedroom it would be the headboard wall.

In the living room it could be the fireplace wall.  A small powder room with a bold color or wall paper on the sink wall is a fun way to go.  You get the idea.

2.  Pillows are a good way to bring stronger color in to a neutral room or palette.  Pull out a color that is not already featured in the room.  If you have a rug that has multiple colors, bring out the color that is less dominate in the rug.  You’ll be amazed what a difference it will make.

3.  Drapes can be a stronger, but very effective way to really spunk up a room with color.  I’d recommend working with a designer here at the store or someone you may have in mind for the bigger commitment of drapes.  When properly made and chosen, they will last for 15 plus years, so you want them to be right.

Hope these ideas are helpful to get you started thinking about color in your home.

We love the subtle, neutral palettes too, but that’s for another day!  I’d love to know if this was helpful, so drop me a line if you like! 

Best Regards, Amy

   p.s. DON’T forget fresh flowers!!!  My very favorite colors are in nature!!! 

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